Self-exibihition and emulation

Youth are usually affected by two great business during their growth: self-exhibition and emulation. What happens when these two same affairs affect adults too? What happens, then, when these two aspects, which are becoming more and more a problem though we pretend not to see, are also the boaster disease of those who are responsible of powers or of leading roles? I suppose it could be … Continua a leggere Self-exibihition and emulation

I will not surrender

I will not stop to give a voice to the stories of abused women despite this could be boring for someone, indeed for this reason I will speak of them even more. In those stories there are plenty of voices to be listened to beyond the victim’s one -the sons, the parents, the relatives, the neighbors- voices which too often are silent to observe or … Continua a leggere I will not surrender

Incandescent material

They say ‘be what you’ve come here for’, yet, what does happen if we don’t know the reason why of our living? Nothing! Nothing happens, and it is everything. I mean, we continue living without any aim unless ourselves and close the whole world in our  whim because the only reason we have for a living is ourselves. What sort of specious radioactive materials we are! … Continua a leggere Incandescent material

“L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

In a time of forgotten values and meanings Massimo Recalcati’s book ‘L’ora di lezione’ is more than a simple theoretical invitation to think about school, it is the practical explanation of the fundamental role school and education have in the life of youth. The book describes the real possibilities a school that works can create for adolescents and it underlines the role of the teachers … Continua a leggere “L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

Resisting to other’s pain

…I answer… You are asking me I could I resist to Maria’s story narration in “Don’t Climb Over That Wall” (Nulla Die). The truth is I don’t know how. Don’t know how I could resist and still today, every time I read a part of the book, a stabbing pain squeezes my heart. I could say many elevated thongs to seem important and to show … Continua a leggere Resisting to other’s pain